MRHA - Discipline

Red Cards & Matchday Misconduct Offences

If, as an umpire, you issue a Red Card during the course of a match you must complete a Red Card Report Form (RCRF), which can be downloaded from the "Ethics & Equity" section of the England Hockey website.

For convenience, this link should open the England Hockey Code of Ethics & Behaviour page in a new window - while this link should download the Guidance to Umpires - Completing a Red Card or Match-Day Misconduct Report Form as a 126kB .pdf file.

You may also use this form to report Matchday Misconduct Offences (MMO) which are offences, such as verbal or physical abuse which occur before or after a match.

The RCRF/MMO report must then be sent to the County Disciplinary Administrator (CDA) of the County to which the offender's club is affiliated. Contact details for CDAs are available under "Counties" on this website.

Please note: A Red Card can only be issued for offences which occur between the first and final whistles of a match.

All other offences which are "..prejudicial to the EH Code of Ethics & Behaviour, or otherwise liable for the sport of hockey to be brought into disrepute .."   should be reported on a Disrepute Incident Form and must be endorsed by an affiliated body.
Forms should then be sent to CDA as outlined above.